Programs for Children and Youth

Day Camps

Camp Adventure™ Youth Services Day Camp programs provide a wide range of enjoyable summer adventures for children and youth. Day Camp programs are structured to serve participants only during daylight hours and offer individuals an opportunity to experience camp life in a convenient format for both children and parents.

Resident Camps

An American tradition, resident camps give youth an opportunity to develop an awareness and appreciation outdoor living.

Sports Camps

Our Sport Camps are focused on helping children and youth learn sport skills, develop fitness, sportsmanship and self-confidence.

Learning Adventures

This unique program pairs the Camp Adventure™ Youth Services program with learning components such as math, reading, and science. Activities are developed by trained educators to facilitate learning in a specific area of need while offering the experience of camp life.

Spirit Camps

Upbeat and dynamic, our spirit Camps are directed toward children, youth and teens. The camps are focused on teaching cheerleading, basic stunts, tumbling dance and drill routines.

Adventure Plus

This innovative program is geared for youth 10-14 years of age. The program is designed to help individuals become more confident, self-reliant, positive and independently functioning young adults.

Dance Pursuits

This program provides children and youth with the opportunity to explore the world of dance with an atmosphere that offers encouragement, challenge and development.


ArtFest participants will be encouraged to focus their creative efforts on traditional art techniques as well as crafts. It is a chance for youth to discover the joy of creating with their own hands.

Performing Arts Camp

This is Camp Adventure™ Youth Services newest and most dynamic program. Designed for youth ages 9-17, this special program combines all the elements of dance, art, music and theater for a six week program. This camp will combine these major programs into one Performing Arts special event with a final performance which will include costume design, set design, choral music, acting skills and dance routines.


The primary objective of this program is to enhance motor skills in preschoolers, 2 to 5 years of age. Activities vary from session to session including sports, rhythm and gymnastics. Parent of guardian attendance is requested at each session to provide the child with a sense of security as well as encouraging quality family fun.

Outdoor Rangers

This outreach program is designed for youth in the neighborhood. This recreational activity includes a half day program featuring high and low impact games, free play, skills and choice of play for the children.


"We create magic moments for children that last for a life time."

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