Values and Traditions

"We Value Excellence"

  • We strive to produce the impossible; our staff has few preconceived notions. If they believe it can be done, it happens.
  • We value an individual’s commitment, motivation and dedication.
  • Excellence is an attitude that results in superior performance.

"We Care about Kids"

  • Our bottom line is our front line leaders.
  • We promote positive, caring child/leader interactions.
  • Sincerity, genuineness and caring are our hallmarks.

"We are all Part of the Camp Adventure™ Family "

  • Teamwork, as reflected by caring, sharing, and helping one another, is a hallmark of the program.
  • Any group of people that work together as a team are far more successful than people operating individually.
  • We protect one another by looking out after each person’s interests, needs and respecting their personal concerns,

"Well-Planned Means Well Executed"

  • We believe in complete and thorough planning as a prelude to program implementation.
  • Our attention to detail reflects our commitment through planning.
  • There is no substitute for planning; it is the keystone to success.

"We Create magic Moments"

  • Our goal is to create magic moments for children that last a lifetime.
  • We strive to produce fun, joyful, exhilarating and treasured experiences.

"Today’s Children are Tomorrow’s Leaders"

  • Our staff members serve as positive role models for children.
  • Positive, powerful, play activities that develop leadership skills are our focus.

"Our Contractors are Our Partners"

  • We strive to produce mutually beneficial services.
  • We Value those we work with and seek their professional expertise and knowledge to enhance services.
  • We strive to create a win/win situation with our partners.

"The Camp Adventure™ Name Means Quality"

  • Our name is a guarantee of quality services.
  • Extensive planning and staff development produce quality experiences for our partners.
  • We produce high quality, high impact services that make a difference in children’s lives.

"Enthusiastic and Energetic Leadership"

  • Our staff is dynamic, moving, energetic and committed.
  • Camp Adventure ™ staff are high on life, high on kids.

"Camp Adventure ™ is Innovative and Creative"

  • We believe our success stems from commitment to innovation.
  • Creativity is encouraged in all of our spontaneous and planned programs.
  • Camp Adventure ™ is never the same from one year to the next; it is constantly evolving to meet the needs of kids today, as well as the needs of our partners.

"We Believe in the Power of Play"

  • Play is enriching, it helps enhance and sustain life.
  • Our social play environments emphasize fun and laughter, joy and delight, adventure and discovery.
  • Play is a shared experience between children and leaders.

"You Have to Earn It to Wear It"

  • Our staff earns the right to wear their Camp Adventure ™ uniforms by affirming our values.
  • They train diligently and must demonstrate a high level of competence.
  • They must demonstrate their commitment to the ideals of the program.
"We create magic moments for children that last for a life time."



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