At Camp Adventure™ Youth Services our vision is a simple one. “…We create magic moments and treasured experiences for children and youth that last a lifetime.” Magic occurs when reality exceeds one’s expectations.

It is the commitment of each and every individual to this simple statement that has distinguished the Camp Adventure™ Youth Services program from other similar efforts. We have been able to produce an extraordinary level of success, excellence, and caring for children and youth as a result of the efforts of those that have participated in the program.

In order to produce high quality, high impact services for children and youth, we strive on a daily basis to make the experience better than the day before. To accomplish our common vision, all staff is committed to operating with sensitivity and caring for others, a strong commitment to thorough planning, and serving as positive role models for children and youth. Camp Adventure™ Youth Services has been successful because of the positive attitudes individuals bring to the endeavor resulting in a high level of commitment, dedication and excellence.

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"We create magic moments for children that last for a life time."